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We help businesses

Create New Value

for their consumers.


What We Believe

Great insights start with how a team perceives their own way of thinking before interacting with consumers:

  • Before consumer research is scoped and executed, key stakeholders should be stimulated to think about the "default benefits" in their category and generating new types of benefits and/or ways of delivering them.

  • As it is challenging to see new, tangible opportunities from within the category, it is powerful to realize that many other categories also sell products with similar end-benefits to consumers.

  • These different approaches to selling similar end benefits is a huge yet under-utilized resource to stimulate team thinking about how they might uniquely co-lead consumers to better solutions.

Great insights therefore begin before consumer research by pro-actively:

  • Contrasting the benefits being offered today in your Category:

    • What type of distinctive benefit or experience can you deliver consistently at scale to your consumer? Why does this matter in their lives? 

  • Comparing your type of benefit across other categories to inspire new ways to deliver it:

    • Who else is doing a great job in any other category or market by delivering a similar type of consumer benefit in other exciting ways?

    • How does this stimulate our team's thinking about future paths we could prioritize for delivery?

Contrast & Compare with consumers:

  • Contrast & Compare our "pre-totype stimuli" (seed ideas) and prioritize which offer the most distinct, new value to their lives, compared with the market today - and why?

  • This approach generates truly fresh insights to guide the team's new value solutions.

Bottom line::

"Forward search" always beats "re-search" to innovate better propositions.


What We Do


Clarify X-Factors in Success Clinics

What are our distinctive type of advantages vs competitors? Ex. Our business model (supply chain? distribution?), product benefit, brand story, and/or other "ownable strengths" ...)

Pre-totypes Stimulate New Foresights

These seed ideas enrich the discussion for the product team about innovation success factors as well as more pro-actively engaging consumers to go beyond the limits of research.

-> Example: Contrast different types of "fresh" to identify the "distinctive type" of X-Factor to be owned (ex. Playful Refresh). Then Compare that X-Factor across categories to inspire new ways of delivering it!

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Before going to research:

Contrast & Compare™ stimulates new ways of seeing insights to bring value to consumers.

Contrast & Compare™ rejuvenates how we newly deliver brand promises.


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