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A Fresh Start for Mints:

Portfolio Management



We grew the mints business by finding a unique breath freshening positioning (no cannibalizing of chewing gum) plus new value cues to use across both comms and NPD. 





The Challenge


Mints freshen breath just like gum. How can we best position and grow the mints business, without cannibalizing gum? 



Our Solution


Compare-Contrast™ clearly differentiated between gum and mints freshening (functional, sensorial, emotional, and identity), and then further enriched the mint’s “professional’s freshening” by learning from brands in related categories such as deodorants.




We guided the brand to own a more premium and individualistic “professional fresh” through TVC communications, while packaging was innovated from plastic to metal material, signaling premium quality. Sales rocketed, creating strong, sustained growth for the mints and overall Wrigley business.




“Very perceptive about what consumers want, combined with a strategic outlook on key business issues… A great partner to have on your brand innovation project.

 – Wrigley Insights Director

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