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Single-Minded. Single Malt. 

Create a new Occasion to Own It.



Glenfiddich solved two issues at once:  both avoiding commoditized whiskey perceptions & engaging a new group of connoisseurs via “second gift” occasion. 





The Challenge


Whiskey in China was often mixed with green tea at night clubs and valued mostly as a means of getting drunk, creating non-premium value perceptions. Glenfiddich wished to differentiate and improve value perceptions for the category and brand.



Our Solution


Lucid360 guided the client away from distribution in nightclubs, KTV etc. We saw that, as a newcomer to the market, Glenfiddich could not be used for general gifting. However, we created a new gifting occasion when you wish to deepen a relationship. Our cues co-opted from adjacent luxury categories like cognac.





Glenfiddich avoided commoditized whiskey perceptions by engaging a new profile of “know yourself” consumers (entrepreneurs, artists, etc.) to lead this “second time” gifting occasion

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